Coming Soon

Hello All I’m going to try to add more photographs over the 4th of July weekend to this site. I still to gather and sort the photographs that I took of Rogue and Lolo from September 2013. There might more photo’s posted in the News/Blog section of this site at some point soon. I’ll post…

Added Another Memorial Page

Hello All I’ve added another gallery page to the site. Its a second memorial page for the dogs that are no longer with us. I’ll be adding gallery pages of Lolo and Rogue soon to this site and I’ll post something when I do. See y’all soon…

Added a Domain

Hello All I’ve added a domain to this site. So, instead of, I have the site url as The former url redirects to the new hosted domain that I’ve set up. I did this to make it easier to remember to get to. Also, I’ll be posting more photographs soon to the site…

Rogue and Lolo on a Fallen Leaf Beach

Here is Rogue and Lolo on a private beach at Fallen Leaf Lake, California that myself and my brother were staying at for the month of September 2013.

Online Store

There might be a store of some kind coming to this site and it would be mostly of books that I would link to. Anyway. it would be after adding photographs the gallery to the site since that is the main purpose of this site. Thoughts and such are welcome in the comments below. Peter

Site Organization

The way that I am going to organize the site is to have all the photography galleries on pages instead of posts. That way photographs would be found in place on this site. For any videos that I might post or did post to this site I would put them on a dedicated page under…

More postings soon

There would more posting hopefully starting this weekend, and they will be mostly gallery postings. More to come. Peter