Its Been Way Too Quiet


Like the title of this says.. its been way too quiet around my place without Rogue and Lolo. For the last six weeks since Rogue died I keep wanting to take him out for walks and car rides around town and I’m kinda glad that we moved when we did out of Southern Arizona. At the same time there is a very little part of me that might (or should) have stayed in Southern Arizona until Rogue passed away. Though, in a way I was thinking of staying in Arizona till he died, but at the time we left Arizona we needed to get out the community that we were living at.

Rogue Looking at the camera
Here is Rogue looking at the camera while is a sitting position.

The short story is that the property manager of the community that we were living at was trying to convince me that Rogue had strictly hip issues. The problem that he had was arthritis effecting his spine which in turn effects the hips and back legs.

Looking back to the end of January and early February I noticed that things with Rogue started to change for him – that he started to decline in health. Though, it wasn’t really noticeable at first but the time March came around I noticed that he didn’t have the getup and go that he had till the end of January or early February.

I do miss all of the dogs that myself and family had over the years and each passing had hit me really hard, but for some reason Rogue’s passing hit me the hardest of them all.

Anyway, its going to be some time before I would have another dog around my place; also, at the same time this site would become dormant/inactive for the foreseeable future.